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Tips and advice about Clitoris Orgasms Massage.

Massaging the clitoris using fingers, oral sex or vibrators causes the sexual body tension to build up.


Orgasm occurs when the tension is released in a series on involuntary and pleasurable muscular contractions that can be felt in the vagina, uterus and or anus.


However, very woman is different, and some women experience orgasm without contractions.

One can massage and stimulate the clitoris in a number of ways. Some ways are by rubbing, sucking, kissing, body pressure and using a vibrator.


Some women like direct clitoris massage or stimulation while other find this too sensitive. One can also touch close to the clitoris without directly touching. Sometimes, too much clitoris massage can cause the sensations to decrease.


The following has some tips in clitoris massage that I do professionally.

  • Try blowing on the clitoris. DO NOT BLOW into the vulva as this is dangerous.

  • A Gentle Touch and Tickle of the clitoris. Tickle the clit extremely lightly and gently.

  • Door bell lift with a finger totally off clit and repeat.

  • Pinch and pull the clitoris. Very Gently!

  • Rock Around The Clit Clock.  With your forefinger, make tiny circles around the clitoris, stopping at every one of twelve "hours".  Many woman are very sensitive at two o'clock.

  • Stimulate the shaft of the clitoris with 2 fingers.

The clitoris can also be stimulated during intercourse. Generally when the man is on top this causes his pubic bone to massage the clitoris.


See G spot orgasms for more on how to stimulate this special area.


If you are a man, ask your lover how she masturbates. Even better, show her how you masturbate and watch her masturbate too. This is very erotic but a real stretch for some. Every women is different, so do not expect to be perfect without some feedback.


In sex and clitoris orgasms, there is no correct way. Anything that works and feels good and makes you feel great afterwards is what counts.




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